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A little more about me....

My name is Stephanie J McNichols and I am a LIMHP and LADC. I earned my bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from UNL in 2007. I received my masters degree in counseling from Doane College in 2015. I have been working as a substance abuse therapist and mental health therapist since then. I have 3 young children and have been happily married for 17 years.


Why Therapy

I became a therapist while working for Child and Protective Services and found that I was seeing multiple generations of people in the system.  I thought there has to be a way to stop the cycle.  However, once I got into school I found that I really had a passion for working with those that struggle with substance use and mental health together.


I have worked in various jobs including Centerpointe Crisis Services and the Outpatient location, as a Mental Health Therapist at the Lancaster County Jail, and in integrated medical clinics such as Madonna and Stepping Stones.  My goal as a therapist is to help anyone that wants to make changes in their life for the better and to empower them to do something different.  Anyone can grow at any time.

Let's Get Personal

Here is a little about me personally!


I enjoy running.  It's something my little sister got me involved in over the last several years and we now run in them together. My dad and I run a 5K every year as well!  I also ran my 1st 1/2 marathon in 2023.  I was born and raised in a small town in central Nebraska and I still have small town roots.


I love sports and am an Avid Husker FAN!! GBR!!  I also follow the Vikings Football team.  Because of this I like to coach my kids in their sports.  I love true crime and watch it on TV and listen to it on podcasts.  If I ever get free time I LOVE to read mystery novels with the goal of figuring out the end before the writer tells me. :)


The Fam

I have 3 kids.  Jakson is the oldest, he is 10. Caiden is 8 and Haylee is 6.  I have been married to my husband Jason since 2006 and we have been together since 2003.  We love to have family movie nights and go to the movies.  We love to watch sports and my kids are very active. 


Jakson is involved in dance, basketball, baseball and is trying golf and tennis.  Caiden plays football, baseball, and wrestles. He also enjoys soccer.  Haylee dances, does gymnastics, and does softball, and basketball.  I intend to get her involved in other sports as she get older. 


One fun fact is we don't buy Christmas Presents. We try to take trips to provide the kids with more memories and less stuff! 

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